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Unique, Small Batch, Raw Honey.

10% of gross sales go to charity so we can help the environment, those in need, and enjoy the sweet benefits of pure raw honey.


The Best Honey You'll Ever Have

Miller Marsh Honey’s bees are located in Willis Michigan next to Miller Marsh that provides unique sources of nectar and pollen and is surrounded by strawberry plants and bramble berries.

A Family Story

In 2020 we started with 2 Beehives. Those Beehives produced honey so flavorful, we needed share it with friends. Everyone said it was so delicious, even the best they had ever had. With that knowledge we knew we had to whare with the world the wonders of our  delicious honey.

Flavorful Raw Honey, Available For Local Delivery And Shipped Across the U.S.

Our bees produce high quality honey that isn’t heated, only strained, producing a unique, superior tasting honey.

  • Pure Small Batched Raw Honey.

  • Bees Are Never Fed Sugar.

  • Packed in Reusable Glass Jars.

  • Natural Nutrition.

  • Eco-Friendly

Bill, Mi

“Your Miller Marsh honey is excellent, nicely refined with a hint of white clover from my yard.”
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