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About Us

"Too good not to share"

“Several years ago, after Josh and Zac’s Grandpa Berwald had a serious heart attack, I was talking to Dad as he was laying in his recovery bed. He said he wanted to get healthy and be able to go hunting one more time. That is when I went from dreaming about some woods to call our own and got really serious about searching for some quality hunting property. I found the perfect 35 acres in Willis Michigan that would be, with some work, exactly what we were looking for. By the grace of God, Dad did fully recover and we did get to go hunting and spend quality time together many times continuing to this day.
We started planting fruit trees and working a garden but realized that nothing was growing well. Looking for some answers, I began to realize that there were little to no pollinators, especially bees, in Miller Marsh. The next spring we brought in the first beehives to pollinate our trees and plants. Just like that, the entire ecosystem began to change for the better simply because of the bees we introduced. That year we were able to take some honey from our hives, actually more than we knew what to do with, so we began giving it away. Those that we gave the bee’s honey to kept coming back saying how amazing the honey was. This continued for the next couple years as we slowly grew our apiary and had higher yields of honey. This is when we realized that we might be able to use our honey for good. In 2023 we decided to sell our bee’s honey and take 10% of all gross sales and donate them to local food banks. Thus allowing people to experience our bee’s amazing honey while doing something good for those in need and improving our little part of the world.” -Kevin Berwald, Founder. Romans 8:28

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